5 Tips for Buying Jewelry When You’re Strapped for Cash

Jewelry can make a great gift, a perfect accessory, a meaningful gesture, or a significant milestone in a relationship… but it can be very expensive. If you have a tight budget and a less-than-ideal income, buying the jewelry you want can be a challenge.

Use these five tips to find the best jewelry for prices that won’t ruin your month.


Don’t Worry Too Much About Inclusions or Color

Jewelry rating systems put a lot of emphasis on things like inclusions (little flaws in a gem) or color (how pure the color of a diamond is). As far as you’re concerned, these details are not very important when it comes to how the gem looks. A few flaws and a nearly colorless diamond will sport a far lower price than flawless, colorless versions, but will have a similar appearance. When considering gems, focus more on the cut quality than the flaws or color. A little bit of compromise can save a lot of bucks.

Pick A Modern and Less Pricey Metal

Gold and silver are, to no one’s surprise, expensive. Try to select an alternative metal that gives you what you want but doesn’t break the bank. White and rose golds are traditional replacements for pure gold that can quickly lower the price. However, you should also consider other metals like titanium (popular for guys), palladium, and similar options that combine the style of a modern metal with a much more reasonable price tag.

Wait for The Right Time

Like other retail businesses, jewelry stores offer many promotions and discounts, so it’s useful to buy at the right time. If you’re considering a major purchase, wait until around the holidays before you buy. These are the most popular times of the year for jewelry discounts. Keep an eye out for any useful coupons that may appear in the mail or on social media, as well.

Use the Internet … Carefully

The Internet can be a great place to pick up cheap jewelry, if you know what you’re doing. To avoid scams, pick websites that receive great reviews, and have a reputation for honest transactions and constraints that keep scammers away. Sites like Bauble Bar are designed to help you find cheap jewelry without regrets. Remember to do your research first!

Don’t Forget the Traditional Options

Plenty of traditional ways of to buy inexpensive jewelry still exist. You may want to visit pawnshops, thrift shops, and other consignment-oriented stores to find jewelry that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Again, research is important. It helps to know jewelry prices, negotiation strategies, and jewelry quality when shopping at these places … but you can still walk away with a great deal.

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