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A Guide for Women’s Fitness

Many women take the home fitness training route just because it is a very convenient option, particularly for those women who usually juggle their home and work life. With many things that are going on, there is simply no time to go to the fitness center anymore.

Fortunately, there are many simple, yet effective training that can be performed at home to cater to the fitness requirements of women. Whether the aim is to sculpt a bikini-ready body, lose weight or just to remain in shape, there are easy options that today’s busy women can do at home. Below are some examples of excellent at-home exercises for a woman.



This form of exercise is one of the most popular workout routines for women today. This is because the type of exercise not only helps a woman to lose weight, but it also helps the woman to tone muscles, improve flexibility and build up her lower and upper body strength.

Aside from the workouts done using large workout machines at fitness centers, there are also some exercises that can be performed at home using; · A Pilates ring· A medicine ball·

An Exercise Mat

For some quick Pilates fix, you check out one of the many Pilates exercise videos available online or purchase instructional DVDs if you want to have a full workout routine.

Dance Exercises

The normal aerobic exercise can sometimes be boring, and so fitness professionals have decided to inject some fun into the usual monotonous and repetitive home fitness workout routines that many people are used to.

By mixing exciting and fun dance steps with some moves that will for sure get your blood pumping, dance routines like Shawn T.’s Hip Hop Abs, Zumba and other exercise programs developed with the help of professional dancers, you can now enjoy a 30-60-minute everyday workout.


The ancient Indian traditional form of exercise is today one of the most popular workouts today at home. The exercise combines meditation and stretching which helps in developing a healthier, fitter mind and body. There are very many yoga variations to choose from and each one has their own fitness and health benefits.

Long ago, people only learned yoga through a yogi a, also known as a guru. Nowadays, yoga practitioners can meditate and exercise even in the comfort of their own office or home.

A beginner can also start her at-home daily yoga exercise by purchasing an instructional video and use it as a guide.

The convenience of a woman being able to do strength building, muscle toning and fat burning exercises in the comfort of her own home has made this type of fitness training a very popular choice. The option of being able to hire a personal instructor to guide a person all throughout the exercise process also makes everything a lot easier, particularly for a woman who finds herself uninspired or too tired to get up and workout.

There are numerous options available for those women who want to get in shape without leaving the house. All they should do is to find an exercise program that is working for them. And with EU medical card, your emergency health care will be covered while

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