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Did You Get A Good Workout?

After a long hard session of doing your favorite workout, you may still end up with this thought, “did I have a good workout?” Most people hit the gym seeing their icons and celebrities with those sculpted bodies and go at it like crazy. However, the majority of the time, it will just leave you drained, sweaty and with a never-ending body ache. Exercise should never leave you like that. Working out should never be breaking you down. It should be exhilarating and stress-free. Neither soreness nor body ache should be the criteria for a good workout.

In this article, we look at a few methods where you can measure up to a great feeling of having done a great workout.


Check Your Heart Rate

This methodology is probably the best way to determine whether you have had a good workout. A good workout usually involves a heart rate of three-fourths the maximum heart rate. How do you calculate that? The formula is quite simple actually – 220 minus your age equal your maximum heart rate. Check it out after a cardio workout and if your heart rate is over or well below the maximum heart rate means you may not have had a good workout. To keep track of your heart rate, try a heart rate monitor. It is totally worth it!

Feel Stronger

Well, this is a notion which most beginners tend to overlook when they try to determine whether they have had a good workout. When you work out, keep track of your RPE – rate of perceived exertion. RPE is more subjective. It depends on how hard you are working out. If you are being honest with yourself and you think that you are putting in an 8 or 9 on RPE, you are most likely crushing it! Give yourself a rest day or maybe even workout with lighter targets to see how well you are progressing.

Recover from Intense Routines

Majority of individuals going through rigorous and high-intensity interval training find it quite difficult to recover from it. However, people who have had a great session find it quite easy to recover quickly. This is directly related to how quickly your heart recovers during the low – intensity periods of the routine. If you do not have a healthy heart, you are probably not going to come out of the intensive training feeling stronger and healthier.


When you have had a good workout, you feel like challenging yourself to the next level. Your goal will be to go to a level which keeps challenging you without burning you out. How do you test it? If you are unable to go through a conversation with your gym buddy during a session, it means you are probably overdoing it. If you are literally gasping for air, caution! It is time to pull back from the training.

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