How to Choose Atlanta Outdoor Wedding Venue

Hosting the perfect outdoor wedding comes down to finding the right venue. With very many Atlanta outdoor wedding venues to choose from, you need to be careful to make the right decision. One of the major concerns that brides and grooms have when planning their outdoor wedding is the weather. Regardless the weather, these are some of the things you need to take into consideration when choosing an outdoor wedding venue.

Select an outdoor wedding venue that has a natural area of shade that is in the form of trees or you can create your own shade using a tent. Make sure there is a fan, ice cold bottles of water and sunscreen and all your guests are going to be very comfortable. For months that are a bit chilly, have portable heaters and shawls or lap blankets.


Most brides and grooms forget about lighting. If you are going to be having an outdoor wedding reception or ceremony that will take place in the evening, choose a site that has enough light. Large open spaces are the most ideal for maximizing light. You can also choose to have feature lamps or strung lights so that your guests can be able to move around safely.

You need to have a plan for noise control. Everyone at the back should be able to hear well. When planning an outdoor wedding at the beach, you should consider the sound of the crashing waves on the shore and the squeals of kids running around as you will be exchanging vows in the local parks. Your guests want to hear what is going on at the front.

The facilities you choose for your outdoor wedding venue will play a major role in the process of your decision making. As you will be looking for potential venues, you should have your checklist handy and then pay close attention to the following things. Make sure that the aisle you will be walking down is safe and the terrain even. Tripping in front of your guests is not fun nor is getting your shoes stuck in the grass.

Consider the restrooms and note how near they are. Know if you will need to have a portable facility and how the lack of portable facilities is going to affect your guests that have special needs and are in wheelchairs.

You should also know the outdoor seating that is available. You need to know if you will be responsible for renting your own chairs. In the event you are going to provide your own seating, find out if you are free to place them where you see fit or there are regulations to head. It is good to have a backup plan since outdoor weddings are very unpredictable.

 The ideal wedding venue is one that has an indoor location that is on standby just in case there is an emergency. Do not allow the unpredictable weather to put you off as you will be considering your wedding. There are a lot of backups that you can put in place to avoid disasters and most venues are going to be willing to give you creative alternatives if the need arises.

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