How to Make Your Jeweler Sparkle Forever

Every woman is extraordinary and unique. Every woman possesses her own sense of taste and, to an extent, is identified by it. An engagement ring will adorn a woman’s finger for the rest of her life, so it is only appropriate that it reflects her individuality. If you are a non-traditional woman looking for something out of the ordinary, the following jeweler sparkling tips will keep new rings looking new.


Go Eco

We’ve been down this path many times before and will probably be again. The internet is full of articles telling you how to clean your jeweler in an ecologically friendly fashion, instead of using those harsh acetones. However, most of the articles humans read on the subject are nebulous at best and don’t really give you any solutions to the problem. Instead, they tell you not to use commercial products (which is a no-brainer), but they don’t give you any substitutes or alternatives

. Go with ecologically safe cleaners as many harsher chemicals will wear your diamonds, precious stones, and gold out quicker.  Ecologists will be happy, your stones will look better, and everyone wins.

Use Microfiber Cloths

Stains are inevitable, and no matter how hard you try to keep it clean, your expensive jeweler is going to get dirty. So, what do you do? Well, you could give up and scrap the goods, throw it out in the back alley or on the curb and deny it was ever yours, or you could find a way to effectively deal with its dirtiness.  Microfiber cloths seem to effectively keep dust away whilst making stones shine again.

Remember, friends: there are ways to get those jeweler stains out, no matter when you start your ring or watch cleaning process, although it is much easier to clean with microfiber cloths when starting sooner rather than later.

Make it Timeless

Leo diamonds fascinate the world.  Both for practical use in machinery due to their hardness and for fashion as a symbol of class and elegance, Leo diamonds are the World’s most sought-after gemstones.  These spectacular diamonds’ ability to reflect light in such a way that makes each one sparkle in dazzling arrays of refractive light makes them an irresistible gem for jeweler – yet are hard to keep clean with traditional cleaners.

The point we are trying to make is that owning the finest jeweler is something that most people aspire to do, but those who do never actually manage to keep consistently cleaned. It’s quite incredible how many very fine jeweler pieces are being worn daily by people who know nothing about them and who have no idea what they have.

Most people know the name Rolex, or Livian, and much more would immediately assume that anything from Jared was valuable; how many in the public know the name Aude mars Piglet, understand Maw’s contemporary twist on glamorous jeweler or appreciate Franck Muller? Whatever you find written on your jeweler, keeping it timeless by cleaning with only the best solutions while keeping the rings wrapped properly will make things easier for you.

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