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Tips for Beautiful Summer Skin

Summers are usually full of fun, but it may not be the scenario when you must face the heat of the sun that fails to protect your skin. Wondering what should you do in such a situation? Stay indoors? Of course not! With little care and precautions, you can enjoy the summer pleasures without any worries.



Use a self-tanner this summer and get a sun-kissed glowing skin. The UVA rays of the sun could cause burns on your skin and lead to premature aging. But by applying a self-tanner you can say ‘no’ to tan forever.


Be it sunny outside or not, if you are going out in the sun do not forget to apply sunscreen on your body and face. It is recommended to use a sunscreen with sun protection factor or SPF of 30 or more. Where SPF 15 can block 97% of the sun rays, SPF 30 can protect your skin by blocking another 4% of rays. The perfect formulation of the sunscreen lets your skin stay away from the UVA rays.

Lip Sunscreen

To keep your lips hydrated and nourished, do apply a lipstick or a lip balm that contains SPF agent. You can flawlessly pull off any shade, be it a nude pink or hot red, only if you apply an SPF containing lipstick in the blazing heat. With the coupon code for Mantra shop for a wide range of summer products including the SPF control lipstick at an affordable price.


It is not just important to protect our body skin but also the hair scalp that might be losing adequate moisture in this scorching heat. Once you have washed your hair, apply spray on your hair that contains SPF, especially when you have chemically treated your hair right before going out.


Scrubs for both your face and skin are ideal during the summer time as. It exfoliates your skin by bringing back all the lost moistures. It can take off all the dry flakes and dirt from the skin and simply let the skin feel gentle to touch.

Essential Oils

Take resort to the essential oils like avocado oils. Highly rich in vitamin E, avocado oils can keep your skin healthy and smooth by removing skin dryness completely.

Mineral Powder

Go for mineral make-up such as mineral powder with SPF content that can keep sweat away and let your skin feel fresh and light. You can keep re-applying the powder again and again for greater impact during long hours of the day. Besides noting down all these tips to adopt this summer, it is very important to eat fresh fruits and vegetable and have an adequate portion of proteins such as fish and eggs.

Vitamins, minerals, and proteins together can boost the skin’s radiance and rejuvenate you. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water too. So, this summer, make plans, go out and enjoy the warmth of the sun without any fear!

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