What Are the Best Accessories for Short Women?

If you’ve always been a little on the short side and felt self-conscious about it, then choosing the right accessories to accentuate your outfit and draw attention away from your height is always a good thing. You might think that any accessories are ‘okay’ if they look attractive, but in fact, there are some that can transform your overall appearance. Often, it’s all about the art of misdirection or changing the perception with some subtle tricks of the eye.

Of course, none of the following is going to work if your outfit is completely unsuitable for your short frame and if you haven’t done so yet, we’d urge you to check out Jelly petite clothing to see what works for your body type. The rest of this article will now browse through some of the common accessories that the typical petite woman should take advantage of.



Wearing just the right piece of jewelry can make an outfit. Get it right and more attention is drawn to the jewelry and less to other aspects of your appearance. The main aim is to achieve a balance where the piece does not overwhelm the wearer by being too large for her body type. Conversely, a modest necklace with some intricacies will look better than a choker because it gets the eye moving down and creates the impression of overall length.


Going all ‘high fashion’ with the latest trends is not necessarily the way to go here. This becomes rather obvious to everyone else and can seem a bit too desperate to impress. With shoes, obviously, you can add some extra height by wearing a shoe with a higher heel. The issue here is not going too far with this.

If the heel is unrealistically tall, then it can overpower the whole outfit, drawing too much attention to your shorter height in the first place. Therefore, balance is again needed when it comes to selecting a heel height. If you find that you have certain shoe designs that are comfortable and look good on you, then as long as they stay in fashion, stick with that. Changing up each time a new style comes along will not always do you a favor here and you should usually play it safe and just stick to the shoes that are tried and tested.


For handbags, three main issues come up time and again. Firstly, select a handbag that does not mirror your body shape because this will place too much overemphasis on something you are trying not to draw attention to. Secondly, the present trend to walk around with a huge handbag that is more like a backpack in the shape of a handbag is not something you should follow as the bag will end up making you look smaller and wider in the process. Thirdly, be careful where you carry the bag so that you do not draw the eye to areas you’d like to de-emphasis. Ultimately, carrying a small or mid-size cute handbag is the best way to go.


Scarves must be handled with care. If you wear them one way, then they can look pretty, but another way can drown out the outfit you’re wearing and make your legs look shorter. So, make sure that you know what you’re doing before you add a scarf.


Acute or interesting hat, worn at an unexpected time, can add something different to a woman and extend her height as people count the top of the hat as her adjusted figure. If the hat is chosen wisely, it can be a fun or sexy addition to the day’s outfit. Try it out.

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